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Miri Vita’s Daily Wellness Formula provides all the Organic Vitamins, 74+ Ionic Minerals, Amino Acids, Phytonutrients, Whole Foods, and Herbal and Botanical Elements, And More…That Our Bodies Need to Support Optimum Healthy and Vitality…HARMONICALLY BALANCED AND BLENDED IN A SINGLE LIQUID NUTRITIONAL FUNCTIONAL FOOD HEALTH SUPPLEMENT !

Comprehensive Wellness Daily Liquid Nutrition Formula is the Next Best Thing to Eating a Completely Balanced Diet of Healthy Organic Unprocessed Foods
You Simply Can’t Buy A Better Total, All-Inclusive, Liquid Nutritional Health Supplement… That Provides All The Organic Vitamins, Ionic Organic Minerals, Whole Foods And Nutritional Support Your Body Needs To Achieve Optimum Health And Vitality… Anywhere… At Any Price!
Comprehensive Daily Liquid Nutrition Formula is Far Superior to Any Other Vitamin and Mineral Nutritional Supplement or System on the Market Today Because It Provides…
All the Potent Alkalizing Minerals Your Body Needs to Restore and Maintain Healthy pH Balance are in Their Organic, Ionic Forms—The Only Forms That Can Be Delivered at Concentrations High Enough to be Non-Toxic and Truly Effective to Reverse Years of Acidity and Restore the pH Balance of Your Body, Health and Vitality, Naturally—and in the Right Proportions with Each Other…
AND It is Complete FULL-SPECTRUM Nutritional Support Containing All the Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, and Other Nutrients Your Body Needs Everyday…
PLUS It Contains All the Antioxidants, PhytoNutrients, Whole Foods, and Herbal and Floral Botanicals that work in Conjunction with Humic and Fulvic and the Other Important Biological Roles Humic and Fulvic Play…

Support all of Your Daily Nutritional Needs and Provide Extra Nutritional Health Support in these Vital Areas:

• Restore and Maintain A Healthy pH Balance
• Anti-Microbial Support
• Nutritional Support “Functional Food”
• Immunity Enhancement
• Metabolic Support
• Cellular Electrical Potential Enhancement
• Organ Cleanse and Detoxification
• Digestive Support and Colon Health
• Musculoskeletal Support
• Anti-Aging and Youth Enhancement
• Vision Enhancement
• Energy, Mental Clarity and Alertness.
• Powerful Antioxidants to Neutralize Damaging Free Radicals
• Heart, Cardiovascular, and Lymphatic Circulatory and Blood Oxygenation Support


Miri Vita’s Slim + Metabolic Support Formula is a truly amazing 100% All Natural product that supports balanced metabolism. It will not only help you with weight management, but the “Plus” means improved ENERGY! The following is a list of the ingredients and what they do.
There is not hype with our Metabolic Support Formula; we let the results tell the story.
What is in the Slim + Formula?
Vital B Vitamins Blend: B complex vitamins are very important for the health and proper functioning of the body. In addition to helping the body produce energy and maintain cellular functions, the B vitamins can also improve the appearance of the hair and skin, speed up chemical reactions in cells and help fight infection and protect the body against disease.
Energy Production
Many of the B complex vitamins help the body produce energy and may relieve fatigue. Vitamin B2, also called riboflavin, is involved in the metabolic processes of the body and helps ensure that energy is produced efficiently. Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, speeds up chemical reactions that occur in the cells of the body, making processes run more efficiently so that energy is produced using the least possible amount of resources. Without enough vitamin B12, the body cannot produce energy efficiently, resulting in severe fatigue.

Raspberry Ketones: Research has shown that raspberry ketone can help in your weight-loss efforts, especially when paired with regular exercise and a well-balanced diet of healthy and whole foods.
Raspberry ketone is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries. This compound regulates adiponectin, a protein used by the body to regulate metabolism. Raspberry ketone causes the fat within your cells to get broken up more effectively, helping your body burn fat faster. The recommended dose is 100mg per day. To get the same benefit from the whole fruit, you’d have to consume 90 pounds of raspberries! Just so you know, 1 ounce of Z Slim Plus contains 200 mg, that’s 180 pounds of fruit.
L-Carnitine: L-carnitine is a nutrient widely available in supplement form and often marketed as a weight loss aid. Made naturally in the body, l-carnitine is essential for transporting fat into cells to produce energy. But while many supplement manufacturers claim that l-carnitine can speed up metabolism, there is little scientific support for l-carnitine’s ability to promote weight loss.
Lugols Plus Iodine: It is well established that the iodine content of the thyroid gland is dependent upon the iodine available in the food and water intake of the individual. If the iodine intake is low the gland is deprived of an element it needs to do its work, especially when it comes to metabolism!
Green Tea Extract: Green tea has been the focus of study in human beings, lab experiments and in animals. People-focused studies confirm the effectiveness of green tea extract in weight loss efforts. In one study, integrating green tea into a weight loss and maintenance program resulted in desirable outcomes in overweight individuals. Researchers believe that catechins in green tea work to burn fat in the body.
Chromium: Chromium is one of the most vital of all trace elements, and the body needs sufficient chromium to properly metabolize fats and sugar. While chromium is found throughout the body, the highest concentrations are found in the liver, the spleen, the bones and the kidneys.
The main functions of chromium include providing a steady stream of energy by helping to stabilize blood sugar levels, helping to increase the amount of glycogen available to the body, and controlling insulin and related hormones.
Fulvic-based Essential Macro and Trace Mineral Support Group: Fulvic is the most active Humic Acid and Nature’s own nutrient delivery system to our cells. Fulvic provides key nutrients including Over 74+ Organic and Ionic Minerals and Elements, 10 Vitamins, 18 Amino Acids, and Other Essential Nutrients all essential for health metabolism.
Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus) leaf: Eleuthero is an adaptagen and helps to reduce stress and support adrenal function. By reducing the effects of stress and the production of stress hormones like cortisol, eleuthero improves performance, normalizes immune and adrenal responses, improves recovery time after illness, improves memory, reduces fatigue, and generally enhances feelings of well-being.
Vitamin C: We have included plenty of Vitamin C to help support adrenal function. The adrenal glands rely on Vitamin C and without it become dysfunctional! Adrenal dysfuntion is a major contributor to the inability to manage weight.
The synergy of these ingredients is what makes our Slim + Metabolic Support Formula such a dynamic Weight Management product. When used with a balanced diet and moderate exercise, you can truly managed healthy weight.
To improve your success, we are including our TC365 Lifestyle Plan booklet. The information in this booklet provides you a simple, yet effective, nutritional guide. This program was developed by Dr. Stuart Hoover and when used with the Slim + Metabolic Support Formula product, you are sure to see that extra fat disappear! The TC365 Lifestyle Plan booklet will be emailed in a pdf format for you to download once your purchase have been completed.

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